Hearts adoption of the kids from the Higaonon tribe
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Hearts adoption of the kids from the Higaonon tribe
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Higaonon tribe in the Philippine mountains lead nomadic lifestyle. There are usually several children in the family and the only source of parents' income are works in agriculture. Because of the poverty children from this tribe are not sent to school. If parents can't afford to buy his child a banana or a bowl of rice to eat a meal at school then he just doesn't go there. The obstacle can be also mountains and lack of money for commuting or basic expenses. 'Hearts adoption' of young Higaon consists of scholarship for the pupil of primary school covering the costs of school meal, purchase of the uniform, coursebooks and if needed costs for getting to school.

Children's education from the Higaonon tribe can be supported in the following ways:

  • by undertaking 'Hearts adoption' in other words obligation to give 60 zlotys monthly for minimum a year making child's education possible. The donor receives then the child's picture and also some information about him and his family and about his progress at school.
  • single donation for this project
  • collection of small e -waste: batteries, mobile phones, CDs in the kindergartens and at schools (www.zbieramtowszkole.pl) or at the workplace.

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