Who are we
Who are we
Missions of the Sacred Heart

Secretariat for Foreign Missions of the Priests of the Sacred Heart

The Secretariat of Foreign Missions helps the administration of the Polish Province of the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart in carrying out the missionary work of the members of the Congregation. The tasks of the Secretariat include missionary animation in the country and spiritual and material assistance to missions and missionaries. Responsible for the Secretariat of Foreign Missions is the secretary of the missions who reports to the Provincial Superior of all the activities.

The Secretariat organizes activities aimed at supporting the evangelization of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and the fight against poverty and marginalization of the poor. Our Missionary Donors' Office, the “We collect it” project and the online shop www.coriss.pl are the external bodies of the Secretariat. The Secretariat also runs a lay missionary voluntary service called "Missio Cordis". The summer camps for children called "Holidays with missions and languages" are organized each year. During winter missionary carollers in some parishes animate the spirit to help the needy. 

The donors of the Secretariat of the Foreign Missions of the Priests of the Sacred Heart over the last 10 years, donated more than seven million złotych (1,5 million dolars) to help missions. Among others this money was spent for: feeding children in Montevideo, Uruguay, building a health clinic in Butembo, Congo, homes and kindergarten in the Village of Our Lady of Mercy in Opol, Philippines, building charity centres in Ukraine, deep wells to provide water in Africa, renowating school and health clinic in Chad.

Here you can see "Reports" of our activities: Report (misjesercanow.pl)

Priests of the Sacred Heart

The Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Catholic religious community of apostolic life, which was founded in 1878 in Saint Quentin, France, by the Servant of God, Fr. Leon Dehon. The aim of the Congregation's activity is the mission in the Church, arising from prayer and contemplation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - it includes Eucharistic adoration as a service to the Church and service to the needy.

The Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was not intended by the Founder to be a missionary congregation. However, the protracted process of approval of the new community by the Holy See meant that Father Dehon decided that the Fathers and Brothers should take up this activity as well. The first Missionaries of the Sacred Heart appeared in Ecuador in 1888, and the first Polish missionary went to Brazil in 1902. Currently, missionaries from Poland serve in: Democratic republic of Congo, Chad, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong. Polish priests of the Sacred Heart preach the Gospel also in Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus, Transnistria, Austria, Switzerland and Albania.