ks. Zbigniew Chwaja SCJ

Mission Secretary of the Priests of the Sacred Heart

Father Zbigniew, due to his function, is responsible for the overall functioning of the Secretariat of Foreign Missions. His personal sphere of activity is taking care of all Polish SCJ missionaries, contact with their families and foreign missionary volunteering program. His interest includes discovering new places and people. This led him to the missions in South Africa. He mentions the missionary vocation and the providence of God as the main “culprits” of this step. He brought the nickname "Ziggy" from his mission in South Africa, as well as a passion for golf. Sometimes he turns the lawn into a golf greens to practice, and the green table turns into a community relaxing place to play a game of bridge. He also does not despise a good book, but due to the lack of time, he removes detective crimes from the list and reads papal encyclicals instead.

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ks. Piotr Chmielecki SCJ

Vice-Mission Secretary of the Priests of the Sacred Heart

Father Piotr is the head of the fundraising department at the Secretariat of Foreign Missions of Priests of the Heart. On a daily basis, he coordinates the work of two offices - in Olsztyn and Lublin, so he especially cares that everyone has something to do. Once he had the idea of helping missions "without money" and that is how “We collect it” was born. Apparently, the Holy Spirit had his hand in it. By the way, in similar way the Catholic jewellery brand Coriss was created. In his free time, he rides the bicycle, runs, swims and plays football. His favourite prayer is adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. He loves to visit missionary outposts supported by the mission office, and secretly dreams of his own mission experience, preferably in the Philippines.

​Aneta Półjanowicz

The Donors' Guardian

Aneta is a donor relations specialist. She is the one who answers your calls, replies to your e-mails and sends you letters. She has a lot of patience and knows how to listen. Regardless of whether you need a transfer form or want to build a well in Chad - all the matters of the donors are equally important to her. Everyday office duties are her responsibility - she is not afraid of using Excel tables and advanced printer functions. Privately, she improves her managerial skills at home, with a husband and two sons. She loves walks in the bosom of nature, for which she often takes her dog, gracefully named Fela. Besides that you can hear Aneta's voice not only in the handset, but also at the concerts of the band called "Strong in faith".


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tel. +48 537 411 405

Maciej Moczydłowski


Maciej is a self-made man orchestra, and it is difficult to assign his daily duties in the Secretariat to a specific department. Sometimes he fills himself up graphically in Photoshop, and sometimes he sits up to open up his ears in systems and databases. Maciej prepares and coordinates personalized shipments to donors, as well as the work of colleagues in the Lublin branch. He also designs websites. Privately, together with his wife Kinga, he takes care of two happy little ones whose names, just like their mothers, begin with the letter K. He loves the Tatra Mountains with a sincere love. He spends his free time with strategic level hard board games (and claims that it is possible to rest at the same time).

ks. Marek Przybyś SCJ

Mass Intentions

Father Marek is responsible for Mass intentions. He not only accepts requests to celebrate Holy Mass, but also helps in formulating intentions, which often - due to the complexity of the problem - is not so simple and requires an in-depth interview. In addition to phone calls and replying to e-mails, he coordinates the allocation of intentions to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Chad, Congo, Albania and Transnistria. He himself spent 27 years in Africa, where he held the position of the provincial (i.e. the superior of the South African province). After a hard day's work, he likes to rest with good music (which in his case means mainly jazz) or an interesting book. Eschatology, philosophy and psychology are the areas that he most willingly explores in the pages of his rich library.

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+48 797 535 622

Edyta Urbaniak


Krzysztof makes sure that every donation we receive is correctly recorded. He appreciates efficient and effective work - probably that is why his kingdoms are numbers, tables and forms in the database. In addition to accounting for donations, he completes the data on the website (of course the numerical ones) and prepares financial reports. He is also responsible for some correspondence with the donors. Privately, he likes traveling, literature and music. Krzysztof is finishing his doctorate in theology, so he willingly engages in discussions about the nuances of theological reasoning, about which the average person has no idea. As befits a lawyer, his inherent attribute is a sharp retort and a mischievous smile.

Małgorzata Wójtowicz


Małgorzata, podobnie jak Edyta, troszczy się o księgowanie darowizn i ich potwierdzenie. Jej królestwem są więc liczby, tabelki i formularze w bazie danych. Odpowiada także za część korespondencji z Darczyńcami. Prywatnie jest żoną i mamą trójki dzieci. Na co dzień skromna i małomówna, co nie przeszkadza jej w występach na scenie. Małgorzata należy bowiem do Warmińskiego Zespołu Ludowego „Szemel”, a także od wielu lat śpiewa w chórze „Mocni w wierze”. Jak przystało na aktywną parafiankę, swoje talenty wykorzystuje też w kościele, dbając o oprawę muzyczną Mszy Świętych. 

Dorota Pośpiech


Dorota is in charge of the media department. She writes, edits, collects materials, takes care of the website and the company's Facebook profile. She likes fighting windmills, which is why she often reminds graphic designers about various deadlines. As befits a fan of journalistic "oldskool", her favourite journalistic genre is reportage (that's why a lot of them one can find in the magazine she is responsible for). Missions have been in her life almost forever. She remembers with particular fondness the yearly volunteering in Peru, where a piece of her heart was left. She claims that Poland is too gray, which is why she wears colourful earrings. Privately, she is a wife and mother of two energetic sons who successfully discouraged her to practice perfectionism.

Mateusz Miernik


Mateusz, as befits a man who thinks in images, deals with graphics prepares most of the artwork for the Secretariat of the Foreign Missions. You can see the effects of his work in the mission magazine, calendar, report, as well as in all the letters that go to our donors' mailboxes. From time to time, even a website will come to life. Privately, he is a husband of Bożena and Emilka's freshly baked father. When it comes to interests he is a fanatic of Chopin’s music and a passionate of piano minimalism (which is said to be excluded). He creates his own musical compositions that motivated him to start his own YouTube channel. In travels, he values being on the road more, than reaching its destination, especially if the road means driving a car.

Marta Wasil


Marta creates Coriss jewellery for you and puts her heart into it. It is she who finds stones, threads beads, chooses colours, combines them with silver and gilded crosses with an empty heart inside. She also takes care of the Coriss store service, contacts with customers and shipping. For many years, handicraft has been her passion also outside of work. The shelves in the apartment are bent under the weight of beads, yarns, strings and jewellery. She is not afraid of braid or the most advanced crochet weave. Marta's husband (the same for 23 years) and three daughters are her regular customers, so they love handmade just like her. They basically have no other choice.

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Natalia Paszko


Natalia's plot is the development of the Coriss brand, communication and marketing. A day without searching and contacting influencers is therefore a wasted day. Natalia is responsible for all advertising campaigns, promotions, occasional actions, she also runs the website and social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook. In addition to tightening the budget, Coriss is also currently working on the budget for her wedding, because it just so happens that she will be married soon. She always has a lot of plants around her, and she can't help but to buy new ones. She likes spending time in the kitchen, especially when she wants something sweet. She passionately follows cosmetic novelties and make-up tricks, which she then tests on herself and her loved ones.

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Katarzyna Kropornicka

Zbieramto w szkole

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Piotr Jopek

Logistics in Lublin

Battery and mobile phone collection
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