Feeding and Education of the kids in Opol
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Feeding and Education of the kids in Opol
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Great joy appeared in the hearts of the inhabitants' of the Mother of Divine Mercy Village and polish donors when on the 6th of December 2016 the kindergarten was ceremoniously blessed. We are convinced that the best investmen in man is education. Allowing a child to learn is like giving him a proverbial fishing pole so that he will be able to cope in life.

But not all 3 and 4 years old from the village moved in the morning to the kindergarten. Some of the kids stayed at home because parents could not afford to feed them. It happens that the meal of little Filipino consists of fistful of salt... Thanks to the support of polish Donors the children of the poorest villagers attend kindergartens, getting there a meal and basic school supplies.

You can support feeding and education of the kids from Opol in two ways:

- donating

- giving/ sending 'Good coin' in other words money from all over the world which is left after foreign trip or pilgrimage. 'Good coin' can be also money from countries where euro was introduced and polish collector coins both currently used and for example from the period of Polish People's Republic.

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