Building a well in Batchoro
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Building a well in Batchoro
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Ewa Leżajsk 15.01.2021 60 zł Building a well in Batchoro
Joanna Kraków 13.01.2021 300 zł Building a well in Batchoro

In Europe we have virtually unlimited access to water. Bathtubs, showers, fountains, fridges full of drinks. These are pictures of which poor inhabitants of St. Francis of Assisi in Batchoro in Chad parish can only dream. The Gospel to people from Marba tirbe is preached by Fr. Marian Wenta SCJ.

Blessing of another well is like great feast in the village. It is hard to be surprised since in this desert country annual temperture is 40 Celsius degree and to fetch water you need to walk even several kilometers. In such cicumstances each drop of water is very precious.

The project of well building in Chad you can support in several ways:

- donate

- send old silver or golden jewellery to the Missions Office in Lublin

- buy sacred heart cross made of given to the Office jewellery

- take part in the project 'I collect it in the parish'  so periodic collections of garbage: paper, e-waste or scrap metal

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